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One Family

This is a nice looking Guatemalan family, posing at the main door to San Bernardino, the school in Patzún that is supported, in part by Holy Sepulcher Parish. Some of you will recognize the name, Ana Cecilia Jimánez Arreaga or just … Continue reading

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Education, education, education

Bill Clinton tells the story that in his first run for the White House he prominently displayed a sign that read, “It’s the economy, stupid”. What he meant was that he needed to focus on the obvious. My personal mantra is … Continue reading

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The mission trip that almost wasn’t.

The 2011 Holy Sepulcher  Guatemala Mission trip was scheduled May 26 through June 2. To make things interesting, and to save about $400 per airfare, Brenda Hartzel and I decided to drive from Pittsburgh to Washington DC and fly from … Continue reading

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