Clean Water

Michelle Lesniak demos the fist Holy Sepulcher supplied water filter Patzún.

Early in my mission days I learned that whenever a child came into the orphanage, Hogar Para Niñas, there were worms to eliminate; always. From Ascariasis and Cholera down through Typhoid contaminated water, the norm for Patzún, brings problems. Until I met the good people of Holy Sepulcher Parish I was focused on supplying water, not on ensuring that it was safe.

From the beginning.  At the very first Holy Sepulcher Mission Group meeting, September 9th, 2009, the parish was determined to provide clean water. Mark and Marj Vincent had been working in Honduras on a clean water project. They articulated the problem and offered the solution.  Holy Sepulcher would purchase low cost, simple colloidal silver-enhanced ceramic water purifiers and distribute them at, and through, the school, San Bernardino. Research shows these filters to be breath-takingly effective. Our source for filters is Ecofiltro in nearby Antigua. The Vincents were allowed to tell about clean water in Honduras, including the heart rending story of a little girl held by Marj who minutes later expelled a big worm, an Ascaris, from her nose! Holy Sepulcher responded with donations that enabled those of us who went

Water filters for San Bernardino.

Water filters for San Bernardino

on mission in the summer of 2010 to outfit every single classroom with an extra large filter. The idea was to introduce clean water at the school and, as people became comfortable with the idea of using filtered water, we would begin to place filters in people’s homes. The school children of San Bernardino took to drinking clean water right away and in early 2011 the Franciscan Sisters who operate San Bernardino began placing filters with families. We will be checking up on the success of this project on the 2011 Mission Trip.

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