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 This Señora lives 100 meters or so from San Bernardino. The simple loom is how she feeds her family. There are two sparsely furnished rooms for sleeping with a separate, unvented kitchen. Water is drawn from the well and there are no special facilities for bathing and no toilet or outhouse. The husband, paralyzed for 10 years, previously supported the family with his work in the surrounding broccoli fields. Her children attend San Bernardino. The kids at school look so much like people right here at Holy Sepulcher that the contrast is a shock.

It is even a bigger shock to learn that the Señora and her family are doing relatively well. A poor family in Patzún would have one room with a dirt

floor that everyone shares for sleeping. Cooking is done outside; no kitchen. The poor walk to the Nici-Nics, public water supplies that are known to be contaminated with parasites and other nasty stuff. The gaps between rich and poor are huge. Life can be very tough.

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